Life Coaching

Welcome to Melissa Hammond Life Coach

Life can be challenging, whether emotional, mental, physical or financial. Everyone’s journey is different and you can experience transformation at any time in your life.

Some of us do not believe that change is possible and we feel held back by this. It can be difficult to be honest with ourselves about what we want, or we find difficulty in establishing this.

Life coaching is a process which guides us from within ourselves to uncover our beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and habits, which we may wish to shift in order for us to navigate our own inner compass.

Our sessions will give you a safe, nourishing and respectful space, where you can be honest, without judgement. You are unique and our sessions will be individualised. There is not a ‘one programme fits all’.

Love yourself just as you are right now.
Let go of the illusion that you 'should be', 'should have', or 'should've done'.