Life Coaching

Life coaching can be beneficial to you wherever you are on your journey and however you are feeling. The process of transformation involves you creating and experiencing changes that are right for you, leading you to where you want to be and enabling you to be your true self.

Life Coaching with me can help you:
  • Align your life to suit your desires and needs
  • Reconnect with your dreams, desires, and passions
  • Develop greater confidence to trust your intuition in the decisions you make
  • Believe in your own abilities and skills
  • Establish your goals and possibilities that you would not have considered before
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that have been holding you back from achieving your goals and potential
  • Develop a deeper sense of self-awareness for you to manage and overcome your fears and doubts
  • Clarify your truths, values, and priorities
  • Let go of what no longer feels right for you
  • Release yourself from being as others wish you, or expect you to be
  • Improve life balance
  • Love yourself just as you are right now, let go of the illusion that you ‘should be’ ‘should have’ or ‘should have done’
  • Recognise repeated patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours, in order to be able to step away from these
  • Acknowledge self-avoidance - when and why you distract yourself from avoiding what is within
  • Gain a sense of peace and harmony knowing that you can be in control of the changes in your life
  • Establish what you want from a relationship and the person you want to be within it
  • Identify and implement healthy boundaries for yourself and in your relationships
  • Be able to develop within, your own healthy source of love, validation, and approval
  • and more...
The sessions

I offer a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation.

Subsequent 45 -minute sessions are carried out via Zoom or Teams as appropriate, or on the telephone.

Based in the Mid-Sussex area, I cover the UK online and by telephone.

Cost of each session is £45.00.

Please see my Payment Terms

Please contact me to find out more and to book your complimentary consultation.