“I was recommended to Life Coaching by a friend. After doing much research, I liked Melissa’s website and made contact. At my complimentary session, I felt confident that Life Coaching with Melissa would help me. I am very pleased to say that it has made a positive difference to my life.”

“I gained such a lot from my sessions with Melissa. I looked at my life differently and faced certain things, which I felt uncomfortable about at the time. I have now gone on to trust my intuition rather than living my life according to the expectations and opinions of others.”

“I realised that for most of my life I put myself down and relied on other things and people to make me feel better. It was liberating to feel that I am ok on my own terms. Thanks Melissa for this.”

“Thank you, Melissa, for understanding my situation enabling me to always be honest and real. Having tried other approaches, yours worked for me.”

“Having been in a very difficult relationship for a long time, Life Coaching with Melissa gave me hope and direction. I made difficult choices which have proved the right thing for me.”

“After feeling ‘stuck’ and unsure what was making me feel this way, I decided to try Life Coaching. It was, and still is amazing that with Melissa’s help I was able to re-connect with who I really was!”